Workshops & Presentations

Teaching is what I do best.

I deliver unique, high-impact workshops on science communication for scientists and students. I have nearly 20 years' experience teaching/coaching undergraduate writing. I also lead memorable field walks and talks on forest ecology (especially with a bent of climate change, social justice, spiders, or trees) for the public. Attendee feedback from a recent presentation deemed the session 'worth the price of conference admission alone.' 

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June 7, 2022 - Wood banks, fuel poverty, and urban forestry: Exploring the relationship. Invited webinar for the Canadian Tree Fund.

April 27, 2022 - Telling STEM Stories with Tech: Wired Trees Narrate Life in a Changing Environment. Invited keynote for the National Association for Interpretation. (see related video podcast here)

Past (this list is woefully outdated - hopefully I can update it soon!)

  • August 2016: Workshop: "Science Communication Mentoring and Project Review." Ecological Society of America (Ft. Lauderdale, FL)
  • November 2016: NEC-ISA. TBD. (Burlington, VT)
  • March 2016: "Building the Next Voice for LTER." Harvard Forest.
  • March 2016: Workshop: "Talking Global Change with the Media" (explore my lesson plan). Harvard Forest.
  • January 2016: Workshop: "Reading/Writing New England." Harvard Forest.
  • November 2015: "Global Change Ecology." New England Wild Flower Society Annual Meeting. 
  • October 2015: "New England Ants & Spiders: Facts, Myths, Your Questions Answered." NEC-ISA Annual Conference (N. Conway, NH)
  • September 2015: "LTER Undergraduate Education: Innovations and Cross-Site Opportunities." LTER All Scientists' Meeting (Estes Park, CO)
  • August 2015: Workshop: "Communicating Science Vividly." Ecological Society of America (Baltimore, MD)
  • August 2014: Workshop: "Beyond the Written Word: Advancing Ecology Communication through Multimedia." Ecological Society of America (Sacramento, CA)
  • January 2014: Panelist & Content Expert. ComSciCon (Boston, MA)
  • November 2013: "Pathways for Science Communication" (full presentation as .wmv). NYSERDA EMEP Conference (Albany, NY)
  • August 2013: It Takes a Village to Talk Science: Science Communications Tools for Administrators and Educators. Ecological Society of America (Minneapolis, MN)
  • April 2011: Green New England: What Our Forests Mean to People, Wildlife, and the World. Earth Day at the Museum of Science (Boston, MA)