Christopher Held has a unique background as an Executive, Academic, Researcher, Management Consultant, and Entrepreneur, which he leverages to drive novel solutions to the most challeging supply chain problems.

  • Leads a supply chain organization across 85 countries with 30,000+ restaurants 
  • Designed and implemented the 2nd largest US restaurant supply chain organization
  • Developed hollistic supply chain programs that have generated  hundreds of millions of dollars in value
  • Created a program for a national launch that flexed between 30% and 200% of forecast at 100% fill rate with no obsolescence
  • Led redesign of multi echelon national distribution systems 
  • Led multiple brands through COVID without disruption, where some brands operatated at 30% of forecast and some at 200% of forecast.
  • Designed supply chain and operations for multiple $1+ B mergers across food, pharmaceuticals, and transportation​​​​​​​