Classes taught at Harvard

Summer 2018 (Harvard Summer School - Study Abroad in Milan and Siena)

Italian S-190 - Beauty, Leadership, and Innovation (in English)

Intermediate Italian

Advanced Italian

Spring 2018

Romance Studies 97 - Sophomore Tutorial: Poetics, Practice, and Politics in Romance Societies (Italian section)

Italian 50 - Advanced Italian II: Written Expression. Italy in Other Words

Fall 2017

Aesthint 51 - The Cosmos of the Divine Comedy (in English)

Italian 40 - Advanced Italian I: Oral Expression and Performance

Spring 2017

Romance Studies 109 - The Global Game: Soccer, Politics, and Popular Culture (in English)

Italian 11 - Beginning Italian II: The Art & Craft of Italy

Fall 2016

History 1144 - The Renaissance in Florence (in English)

Italian 10 - Beginning Italian I: Pathways to Italy 




Classes taught at the University of Parma (Italy)

Winter 2013

Letteratura italiana - "Montale e i classici" (Laurea Specialistica / Master Students, 12 hours seminar)

Winter 2011

Lettertura italiana - "Introduzione a Montale" (Laurea Specialistica / Master Students, 12 hours seminar)