Research Interests:

I am a graduate student in the Huybers group, working on a wide range of issues pertaining to climate variability and sensitivity.
Some of the questions I am interested in:
  • How well can we constrain long time-scale and equilibrium climate sensitivity using models, data, and palaeo-records?
The Distribution: Temperature Extremes and Non-Normality    
  • What is the spectral structure of non-normal (non-gaussian) variability in temperature data?
  • Is there a feedback involving carbon dioxide, sea level change, and mid-ocean ridge volcanism operating on glacial time scales?
The Long Time Scales: Milankovitch Cycles
  • How can we construct appropriate statistical tests for orbitally-paced variability in data with uncertain timing?



In Preparation:

  • Proistosescu, C., P. Huybers, (2016): Climate Response Across Time Scales as Inferred From the Proxy Record. In preparation. (workshop presentation)
  • Proistosescu, C., P. Huybers, (2016): The Time Scale Structure of Forcing and Feedbacks: Reconciling Instrumental and Model-Based Estimates of Climate Sensitivity. In preparation
  •  Huybers, P., Proistosescu, C., Boulahanis, B., Langmuir C., Carbotte S., Katz R. (2016): Sea Level Variability and Abyssal Hill Bathymetry. In preparation

Peer Reviewed 

  • Huybers, P., C. Langmuir, R. Katz, D. Ferguson, C. Proistosescu, S. Carbotte (2016): Comment on “Sensitivity of seafloor bathymetry to climate-driven fluctuations in mid-ocean ridge magma supply”. Science, in press. 
  • Proistosescu, C., P. Huybers, A. Rhines (2016): Identification and Interpretation of Non-Normality in Atmospheric Time-Series.  Geophysical Research Letters.  (pdf)(supp)
  • Proistosescu, C., P. Huybers, A. Maloof (2012): To tune or not to tune: Detecting orbital variability in Oligo-Miocene climate records, Earth and Planetary Science Letters (pdf)



Born and raised in Romania
International Physics Olympian
Princeton University - Physics major, applied math minor, research work in Earth Sciences
Outdoor enthusiast
Colleagues, Collaborators, Co-Workers: