Visualizing Literature Review Theme Evolution on Timeline Maps: Comparison Across Disciplines

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Data-driven visualization techniques can be utilized to enhance the literature review process across different disciplines. In this work, 910 articles were retrieved using keyword search from bibliographic databases of two different disciplines (Computer Science – DBLP and Medicine – MEDLINE) between 2001 and 2016. These articles’ titles were processed using dynamic Latent Dirichlet Allocation to generate a set of themes/topics, which were subsequently classified and assigned to regions in a spatiotemporal geographical map. Resulting data visualizations from both repositories were manually reviewed by independent annotators. The results from DBLP and MEDLINE were comparable and, taken together, suggest potential benefits of increased future interaction among multidisciplinary fields. Our findings indicate that spiral timeline maps have the potential to help researchers acquire or compare knowledge efficiently without prior domain knowledge.
Last updated on 07/23/2019