Following Data as it Crosses Borders During the COVID-19 Pandemic


Tang C. (first author). 4/20/2020. “Following Data as it Crosses Borders During the COVID-19 Pandemic.” Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association. Publisher's Version


Data changes the game in terms of how we respond to pandemics. Global data on disease trajectories and the effectiveness and economic impact of different social distancing measures are essential to facilitate effective local responses to pandemics. COVID-19 data flowing across geographic borders are extremely useful to public health professionals for many purposes such as accelerating the pharmaceutical development pipeline, and for making vital decisions about intensive care unit rooms, where to build temporary hospitals, or where to boost supplies of personal protection equipment, ventilators, or diagnostic tests. Sharing data enables quicker dissemination and validation of pharmaceutical innovations, as well as improved knowledge of what prevention and mitigation measures work. Even if physical borders around the globe are closed, it is crucial that data continues to transparently flow across borders to enable a data economy to thrive which will promote global public health through global cooperation and solidarity.
Last updated on 08/22/2020