An Annotated Dataset of Tongue Images Supporting Geriatric Disease Diagnosis


Tang C. (first author). 8/8/2020. “An Annotated Dataset of Tongue Images Supporting Geriatric Disease Diagnosis.” Data in Brief, 32, Pp. 106153. Publisher's Version


Hospitalized geriatric patients are a highly heterogeneous group often with variable diseases and conditions. Physicians, and geriatricians especially, are devoted to seeking non-invasive testing tools to support a timely, accurate diagnosis. Chinese tongue diagnosis, mainly based on the color and texture of the tongue, offers a unique solution. To develop a non-invasive assessment tool using machine learning in supporting a timely, accurate diagnosis in the elderly, we created an annotated dataset of 668 tongue images collected from hospitalized geriatric patients in a tertiary hospital in Shanghai, China. Images were captured via a light-field camera using CIELAB color space (to simulate human visual perception) and then were manually labeled by a panel of subject matter experts after chart reviewing patients’ clinical information documented in the hospital’s information system. We expect that the dataset can assist in implementing a systematic means of conducting Chinese tongue diagnosis, predicting geriatric syndromes using tongue appearance, and even developing an mHealth application to provide individualized health suggestions for the elderly.
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