CVT Internship

Date: August 1-12

Fully virtual(in EST)


Designed to be beginner friendly


Data analysis is powerful in the field of research- it can reveal patterns and help us understand our world. To aid more students in accessing this power, the Coronavirus Visualization Team is excited to host the CVT Internship. This free, 2 week event will bring together a global community of students and allow them to learn about data analysis and how it relates to research, and analyze and present data on their own. 


The first week consists of a series of workshops from experts in the field with a variety of topics. Some topics include how research is conducted, data visualization tools, creating effective visualizations, and more. During the second week, students will be given the task of researching a topic of their choice, and creating a poster. On August 14th, they will be able to present their work at CVT’s first virtual poster session. 


Student Application:


1st Place: Analyzing the Global Refugee Diaspora Before and After COVID-19

2nd Place: Impact of Global Carbon Emissions on the Atmosphere During the COVID-19 Pandemic