Yogya Kalra

Yogya Kalra

Yogya is a high school sophomore currently in Toronto, Ontario. He is the past director of Internal Communications & Applications/Onboarding for the... Read more about Yogya Kalra

Gabrielle Wong

Co-Executive Director
Director of Human Resources

Gabrielle is a first-year student at Simon Fraser University studying human geography, social data analytics, and urban studies. She appreciates the drive...

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Aryan Naik

Aryan Naik

Director of Recruitment
Aryan is a highschool senior in Concord, North Carolina. He is the Director of Recruitment at Coronavirus Visualizations Team and is also co-lead of hack^2 at... Read more about Aryan Naik
Kenneth Zhang

Kenneth Zhang

Marketing Project Manager and Project Lead at Erevna and CVT

Kenneth Zhang is the Marketing Project Manager for the CVT, maintaining close relations with Grow with Google Nonprofits and other Harvard...

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