Tails Pineda

Tails Pineda

Director of Social Media Management & Outreach
Tails Pineda

Tails is the Director of Social Media Management & Outreach of the CVT. Amazed and grateful for the experience at the CVT, connecting and working with meaningful people, she looks forward to continuing to grow the CVT and being part of its global impact!

As a startup entrepreneur, she is developing her brand — Tails’ Blog, which aims to support and help young women who seek life balance, to gracefully get their life together and become their unique best version of themselves.

She aspires to major in International Business & Trade. In an aim to this, Tails has taken HarvardX courses under the topics of Economics, Business, and Entrepreneurship. She has also studied and now trades in the Forex Markets.

Tails is particularly fascinated and dives deep every day into personal development, spiritual growth, and mindset principles within her life. As she has a background that has anchored in her soul the immense importance that is to live life by these principles.

She attributes a great part of all of what she is and does to the support and pushing of her family.Alongside, she enjoys nonprofit work, long and meaningful chats with her family, build relationships with people, and love Studio Ghibli!

Connecting with people is always a joy to her, so do not hesitate to reach out!

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