Current Projects

NAME: Healthcare Experiences

DESCRIPTION: The pandemic has pushed the limits of the healthcare system and transformed how people access healthcare. This imposed an undue burden on the general public, and health workers and challenged traditional ways in which services are rendered. The objective of this project is to analyze the individual healthcare experiences of people during the pandemic, capture and highlight the gaps and identify ways to improve the system.


PROJECT LEAD(S): Keerthana (Rachel) Kurapati
PROJECT MEMBER(S): Josephine Bills, Sathvik Kurapati


NAME: Combating COVID Misinformation  

DESCRIPTION: Fighting COVID-19 misinformation aims to combat the wildfire of COVID-19 misinformation by interviewing health professionals and getting them to debunk myths. Our goal is to publish a series of articles with accompanying podcasts episodes and data visuals.

PROJECT LEAD(S): Chuying Huo 


NAME: COVID Long-Haulers 

DESCRIPTION: The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the lives of people on Earth. The aim of this project is to study the possible long term effects of COVID-19. Although the signs, symptoms, and short term effects of COVID-19 are commonly studied, there is little research done on the long term complications of COVID-19. Thus, we would like to summarize the available studies on COVID long haulers as well as call to attention for topics that are yet to be explored. 

PROJECT LEAD(S): Tint Tha Ra Wun 


NAME: Fact Checking the EPA

DESCRIPTION: Recently, the EPA has rolled back several air pollution regulations, justifying their actions by stating that doing so will not negatively impact the environment and will actually bolster the economic viability of fossil fuel industries. The objective of this project is to see whether the EPA rollback regulations are having their intended effects. The final product of this project is to create a policy proposal that recommends a course of action on whether to revise or maintain the current environmental policies.

Published Research Paper: Link to SpringerOpen Article

PROJECT LEAD(S): Emily Chang, Kenneth Zhang


NAME: Brazil

DESCRIPTION: Our project aims to gather, evaluate and correlate health and socioeconomic data available in Brazil. With that we expect to share accessible information about the current situation in the country, and also be able to produce more articles and publications about the topic.

PROJECT LEAD(S): Daniella Cal & Maria Bührnheim


NAME: Project India 

DESCRIPTION: This project aims to analyze how patients that require treatment(for conditions other than COVID-19) have been affected by this pandemic. We intend to analyze all COVID related phenomenon in India and hopefully South Asia.

PROJECT LEAD(S): Adit Seth & Aarushi Aloni


NAME: Inequalities Projects

DESCRIPTION: The Inequalities Projects is focused on food security, education, and mental health.
The education project strives to understand how the lack of access to e-learning and school-provided meals effected under-resourced populations during the pandemic. The food insecurity project intends to create visualizations and write articles to inform the mass public as well as nonprofit food entities on how food insecurity has been impacted by the aftereffects of COVID. The mental health project looks at the correlation of COVID-19 and the impacts it has on an individual’s mental health and seeks to build off of that by focusing on vulnerable households.

PROJECT LEAD(S): Regina Liu & Caitlyn Tran & Alicia Loui


NAME: Mental Health

DESCRIPTION: The Mental Health Project hopes to uncover the relationship between COVID-19 and mental health by analyzing data and creating informative, user-friendly, visuals and infographics. Then, by reaching out to small and larger-scale organizations (that are willing to spread the news about Mental Health during the pandemic), we will try to publish the visuals made. 
The Mental Health projects are pretty much open to anyone who wants to join the cause, whether they have skills with external affairs (such as outreach, primarily to find partnerships and organizations for publication) or data visualization (this would entail collecting the data and making infographics/visualizing the data).

PROJECT LEAD(S): Divya Venkataraman & Sampath Rapuri


NAME: Gender Based Violence 

DESCRIPTION: The Gender-Based Violence projects attempts to study gender inequity, discrimination and violence with the aid of interactive visualizations. Our latest efforts include the She Belongs Podcast, to kick-start the conversation on why women belong at the table.

PROJECT LEAD(S): Varshini & Deniz


NAME: Accountability in Action 

DESCRIPTION: Accountability in Action aims to highlight the socioeconomic and health disparities that have contributed to and been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Our mission is to produce visualizations of these disparities at a zip code and county-level to encourage action from relevant local stakeholders.

PROJECT LEAD(S): Lucas Chu & Melissa Jones


NAME: Analyzing Data of SARS-CoV-2 Serology Antibody (IgG) Tests

DESCRIPTION: The purpose is to analyze results and data of SARS-CoV-2 Serology Antibody (IgG) tests and relate these data to factors such as sex, age, blood type, ethnicity, etc. The end goal of this project is to create visualizations and analysis of this data and try to use it to recommend a prioritization of vaccinations to recovered patients based on the information once a vaccine is available for the general public.

PROJECT LEAD(S): Oriel Savir & Zoë Zizzo


NAME: COVID-19 Vaccines 

DESCRIPTION: Our goal is to partner with the Stanford Innovation Labs to have direct connections to highly informed medical professionals who can help us curate and research the most accurate information. We are also in need of artists and designers, writers and editors, and partnership with publishing and mass distributing our work.

PROJECT LEAD(S): Johan Kamyab