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Digital symptom/treatment tracking platform backed by machine learning


Clymb Health (formely LymeDot) was born in 2016 with the goal of improving the lives of people living with Lyme disease, a potentially devastating tick-borne illness that infects some 329,000 people in the U.S. per year. It’s transmitted through the bite of infected blacklegged ticks. The symptoms can spread to the joints, heart, and the nervous system, causing fever, headaches, facial paralysis, arthritis, and fatigue.

Our proposal won the first-ever hackathon to find innovative solutions to fight the disease, held at UC Berkeley, and finished among the top five at a second round hackathon held at the Microsoft New England Research Center, netting $5,000 in prize money. Over 100 scientists, researchers, clinicians, and investors participated. 

LymeDot Award
Lyme Innovation hackathon at Microsoft Research New England

After these initial hackathons, we continued working on our platform, and pitched at another competition organized by Lyme Innovation at the Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital in Boston, in 2016, where we finished second and received an additional $10,000 of funding.

Spaulding Presentation
Pitch at the Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital Boston

Following these experiences, we were invited to the White House Open Data Summit, got into Skydeck|Berkeley, the UC Berkeley accelerator program, and grew our team to 10 people that have worked on the project in different capacities.

  • LymeDot Award Washington DC White House Open Data Summit

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