Daniel Green

I am a PhD candidate in the Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures at Harvard University. My dissertation examines the symbolism of clothing in Russian literature in the era of Nicholas I (1825-1855), which was embedded in a rich semiotic world of dress codes, uniforms, and fashion. Through close readings of clothing descriptions and a corpus-based approach to finding examples, my dissertation examines how writers use their characters' dress to comment on society. At the same time I analyse the ways in which these writers echo the techniques of dress as they fashion the role of writer for themselves in Russia's emerging national literature. I expect to defend in Spring 2018.

My interests include material culture, semiotics, the history of censorship, intellectual thought, and narrative theory. I also work on pedagogy materials.

I have a minor field in Czech literature and am particularly interested in Czechoslovak legionnaire writing.


M.Phil. Russian Studies, University of Cambridge, 2008.
B.A. Modern and Medieval Languages (Russian and French), University of Cambridge, 2007.

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