I am an assistant professor ('Profesor Ayudante Doctor') in the Department of English Studies at Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM). Previously, I have been the Director of the MA's Program in Applied Linguistics to the Teaching of Spanish as a Foreign Language at Universidad Nebrija (2020-21) as well as a postdoctoral research at UCM (January thru October '20), a predoctoral researcher at UCM (May '17- January '20), a language teaching assistant at Harvard University (2016-17) and a research assitant at Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (October - November '15).

I hold a PhD in English Linguistics (2020) from the UCM (International Doctorate Mention, international supervision UCM, CSIC, and Harvard University), a BA in English Studies (2014), an MA in English Linguistics (2015), and an MA in Teacher Training for Secondary Education (2016) from the same university. I also hold an MA in Language Science and Spanish Linguistics (2018) from UNED, where I have also taken some courses from the BA in Psychology

My current research deals with the theory and practice of L2 acquisition and foreign language learning (English by Spanish native speakers and Judeo-Spanish by English native speakers). I am especially interested in the application of cognitive linguistics and Dynamic Systems Theory into foreign language teaching. I have published research articles and book reviews in journals such as Intercultural Pragmatics, Caderno de Estudos Sefarditas, Sefarad, and Miscelánea, book chapters in Peter Lang and transference articles in The Conversation.



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