Dan Levy's research focuses on evaluating programs aimed at improving outcomes in various areas including education, health, and welfare. Listed below are key projects and key publications.

Key projects

  • Co-principal Investigator, Transparency for Development (T4D), a mixed-methods evaluation of interventions aimed at improving transparency and accountability in delivery of health services in developing countries. 2013-Present.

  • Co-principal Investigator, Building Capacity to Use Research Evidence (BCURE), a project funded by DFID to increase the use of data and research evidence by policymakers. In charge of training component, which has involved the creation and deployment of interactive online modules integrated with in-person training sessions. 2014-Present.

  • Project Co-Director, Impact Evaluation of Niger’s IMAGINE Program (2008-2011): Conducted impact evaluation of the Government of Niger’s Threshold program with the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC)

  • Project Director, Impact Evaluation of Burkina Faso Girl’s Education Threshold Country Program for MCC (July 2006-May 2010): Directed impact evaluation of package of interventions aimed at increasing girls’ enrolment rates in Burkina Faso.

  • Project Director, Technical Assistance on Evaluation of Social Programs to Mexico’s Ministry for Social Development (2003-2007): Providing technical assistance to Secretaría de Desarrollo Social (SEDESOL) in evaluating social programs.

  • Project Deputy Director, Jamaica’s Social Safety Net Reform Impact Evaluation (2002 -2007): Evaluated PATH, a conditional cash transfer program aimed at alleviating poverty and increasing human capital in Jamaica.

  • Researcher, Study of Quasi-Experimental Design for Estimating the Impacts of Social Interventions (2002‑2004): Co-authored methodological review of studies comparing random assignment and quasi-experimental methods to estimate program impacts.

  • Researcher, 21st Century Community Learning Centers Evaluation (2000-2004): Participated in the impact and implementation studies of this large federally funded after-school program.

  • Principal Investigator, Study of Peer Effects in Universities (2000-2008)


Key publications


Transparency for Development: Baseline Report” September 2016 (with Jean Arkedis, Jessica Creighton, Archon Fung, Stephen Kosack, Rohit Naimpally, Lindsey Roots, and Courtney Tolmie).

“Citizen Voices, Community Solutions: Designing Better Transparency and Accountability Approaches to Improve Health: The Transparency for Development (T4D) Intervention Design Report” August 2017 (with several co-authors; details here)

The Effects of 'Girl-Friendly' Schools: Evidence from the BRIGHT School Construction Program in Burkina Faso” American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, 2013, 5(3): 41–62 (with Harounan Kazianga, Leigh Linden, and Matt Sloan)

Impact Evaluation of Niger's IMAGINE Program”, Final Report, Princeton, NJ: Mathematica Policy Research, Inc., September 2011 (with Anca Dumitrescu, Cara Orfield and Matt Sloan)

“Toward Closing the Evaluation Gap: Lessons Learned from Three Recent Evaluations of Social Programs in Latin America and the Caribbean.” Journal of Well-Being and Social Policy, Vol. 5, Num 2, 2010, (with Randall Blair, Larissa Campuzano, and Lorenzo Moreno).

“Impact Evaluation of Burkina Faso's BRIGHT Program”, Final Report, Princeton, NJ: Mathematica Policy Research, Inc., May 2009 (with Harounan Kazianga, Leigh Linden, and Matt Sloan)

Evaluation of Jamaica’s PATH conditional cash transfer programme” Journal of Development Effectiveness, Volume 2, Issue 4, December 2010, (with Jim Ohls)

Evaluation of Jamaica’s PATH Programme: Final Impact Report” Princeton, NJ: Mathematica Policy Research, Inc., March 2007 (with Jim Ohls)

Evaluation of Jamaica’s PATH Programme: Targeting Assessment” Princeton, NJ: Mathematica Policy Research, Inc., July 2004 (with Jim Ohls)

Evaluación de la Política Social en México: Perspectiva de un Evaluador” Chapter in book “Política Social para la Equidad” Ibergop-México (2006), Editorial Porrúa México

When Schools Stay Open Late:  The National Evaluation of the 21st Century Community Learning Centers Program, First Year Findings.”  Mathematica Policy Research, February 2003 (with M. Dynarski, M. Moore, J. Mullens, P. Gleason, S. James-Burdumy, L. Rosenberg, C. Pistorino, T. Silva, J. Deke, W. Mansfield, and S. Heavyside).

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“A Preliminary Evaluation of the Selection of Beneficiary Households in the Education, Health, and Nutrition Program (PROGRESA) of Mexico.”  Washington, DC:  International Food Policy Research Institute, November 1998 (with Jere Behrman, Benjamin Davis, and Emmanuel Skoufias).


Peer Effects:

“Empathy or Antipathy?  The Impact of Diversity” American Economic Review, December 2006 (with J. Boisjoly, G. Duncan, M. Kremer, and J. Eccles).

“Peer Effects and Alcohol Use Among College Students.” Journal of Economic Perspectives, Summer 2008 (with M. Kremer).

“Peer Effects in Drug Use and Sex Among College Students” Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology, June 2005 (with Greg Duncan, Johanne Boisjoly, Michael Kremer and Jacque Eccles)



Two-stage examinations: Can examinations be more formative experiences?” with Mae Klinger and Teddy Svoronos, accepted for publication at Active Learning in Higher Education

Cold Calling and Web Postings:  Do They Improve Students’ Preparation and Learning in Statistics?” with Josh Bookin, Journal of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, Vol. 14, No. 5, December 2014.

Getting an Honest Answer: Clickers in the Classroom” with Josh Yardley and Richard Zeckhauser. Journal of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, Vol 17, No 4, October 2017.



Why is Chiapas Poor?” CID Working Paper No. 300, July 2015 (with Ricardo Hausmann, Miguel Angel Santos, Luis Espinoza and Miguel Flores)

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