Danube is a PhD candidate in the Study of Religion. Her research works with Black studies, theology, and Black feminist thought to critically examine epistemologies of race and religion in anglophone natural law and natural rights discourse. She is particularly attentive to the afterlife of racial slavery and colonial subjectivity that emerges in the wake of early modern English imperialism in the Americas and that remains with us today.

Another current of Danube's work– decolonial critique of 20th century Hegelian-Marxism through the work of Frantz Fanon– will be published in a forthcoming special issue of Religious Studies Review in 2022. She is also co-editor of a double-issue in Political Theology on "Political Theology and Black Thought," featuring responses from Denise Ferreira Da Silva and Frank Wilderson. Her research has been supported by the John Loeb Fund for Religious Freedom and the Political Theology Network. She has been a member of the Philosophy of Religion steering committee for the American Academy of Religion since 2018.

Danube earned a B.A. in Philosophy and Religion at Temple University in 2014 and her M.T.S. in Philosophy of Religion at Harvard Divinity School in 2016. On her days off, you can find Danube chasing squirrels with her dog, Whitney.