Click on a book below (or use the menu) for more information on each one. A common theme in all of the books (except the first one!) is the large number of worked-out problems/examples. 

Note: The (very inexpensive) KINDLE VERSIONS of the 2nd through 5th books below are PRINT REPLICA, which maintains the formatting. The pages look exactly the same as the paperback pages; the files are essentially pdfs in kindle form. You can read them on your computer with the free kindle app (but strangely the files might not be compatible with actual kindle readers).

Rhymes cover

And now for something a bit different...
Things We've Thought of Enough


Green Eyed cover

The Green-Eyed Dragons and Other Mathamatical Monsters


Relativity cover

Special Relativity: For the Enthusiastic Beginner


probability cover

Probability: For the Enthusiastic Beginner


Problems cover

Problems and Solutions in Introductory Mechanics


purcell cover

Electricity and Magnetism


mechanics cover

Introduction to Classical Mechanics


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Waves (Draft)


Additional material:

  • Problem of the week: A set of (very hefty) problems, some of which appear in "Introduction to Classical Mechanics," is located here.
  • Limericks: Many of the limericks in "Introduction to Classical Mechanics," along with ones on other topics, can be found with annotation here.
  • More humor: If you like the limericks, here's some more physics humor.