Introduction to Classical Mechanics

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Cambridge University Press (2008), 710 pages.
Intended audience: Honors college freshmen, or upper-level college.
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Sample chapters (pdf draft versions):
   Chap1 (Strategies for solving problems)
   Chap6 (The Lagrangian method)
   Chap11 (Relativity - kinematics)
Index to limericks, by first line
Cambridge Press website (Instructor support and sample material)
Google Books sample pages

Additional material: Chapter 15 on Hamiltonian Mechanics. (Section titles: Energy, Hamilton's equations, Legendre transforms, Three more derivations, Phase space and Liouville's theorem.) 

Note: If you are reading an electronic pdf version of this book, it is an illegal pirated file. If you find it useful/enjoyable, please consider buying the actual book, which is very reasonably priced for a thick hardcover book.