Problems and Solutions in Introductory Mechanics

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Self-published (to keep the cost low) through CreateSpace (2014), 350 pages.
Intended audience: High school AP, or college freshmen.
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Table of contents
Sample chapters:
   Chapter 1 (Problem-solving strategies)
   Chapter 2 (Kinematics in 1-D)
   Chapter 3 (Kinematics in 2-D (and 3-D))
   Chapter 4 (F=ma)

Note 1: I generated the book's material during the dozen times I've taught Harvard's introductory mechanics course (Physics 15a).
Note 2: While the book is calculus-based, it can also easily be used in algebra-based courses. The problems that require calculus (only a sixth of the total number) are listed in an appendix, allowing students to steer clear of those if they wish.
Note 3: This book (the blue book) is written for a more general audience than Introduction to Classical Mechanics (the red book). The blue-book problems are similar to the one-star and two-star problems in the red book. The red book contains many harder problems and more advanced topics. The blue book can be viewed as a stepping stone to the red book.