Things We've Thought of Enough

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And now for something a bit different...

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The description of this book of rhymes is below, but here are seven of them, so you can get an idea of what they're like. (If you like limericks, the internal rhyming patterns in the 8-liners have a sort of limericky feel.) The wonderful illustrations are by Maki Naro.

Attack me again with your sticks and your stones,
And, yes, you just may end up breaking my bones.
But name-calling earns you the hapless disgrace
Of failing to logically argue your case.

We can dream about soaring with birds on the wind
a lofty but futile goal.
But think of the things, which don’t involve wings,
   that are fully within our control.
Like besting our nerves, and breaking the ice,
   and trying to make a crush real.
So with thanks to the birds, we muster the words
   to finally say how we feel.

thanks to the birds

From yelling “surprise,” to lifting up rocks,
From rock-paper-scissors, to synchronized clocks,
It’s a question profound, and I just want to know:
When do you start – on “3” or on “go”?

3 or on go

When logic is shunned, beware that all claims
Enjoy equal footing, diluted the same.
There’s no need for warfare and no need for spies;
For every one truth, there are millions of lies.

One day she decided she’d write a new story,
   she built and developed a plot.
She added some twists and a character list,
   and decided what happened or not.
She relished the way she controlled all the moves
   and could choose between gladness and strife.
But though you might think there’s a book filled with ink,
   she’s just taking charge of her life.

That cute little toddler who can’t count to two
Will grow up and someday know much more than you.
Generations will always push back the frontiers,
In slow-motion leapfrog played down through the years.


We’ve long since outgrown all the endings of old.
   The final one comes from within.
There’s no need for wars, or reapers at doors,
   who pale as we beckon them in.
We sail on through time to mysterious lands,
   weaving maps on our destiny’s loom. 
With a toast and a cheer and a dime to the seer,
   we head to our special new doom.


LONGER SAMPLE (first 13 pages, with illustrations)

Description: My other books involve physics and math, but this newest one is a collection of (non-science) rhymes; 94 of them in all, with 33 illustrations. (You might find it amusing to guess what a rhyme is about, after looking at the illustration.) There is something for everyone, with themes ranging from silly to sentimental, from whimsical to philosophical. You'll find yourself torn between turning the page to enjoy the next rhyme, and staring off into space to ponder the one you just read. Some rhymes will gently nudge you from your present mode of thought, while others will send you flying headlong to an unexpected new outlook. The imaginative illustrations are sure to produce giggles, sighs, and occasionally a tear. So whether you're looking for lighthearted reading or a supply of thought-provoking topics to reflect on, this book is for you!

The splendid illustrations were drawn by Maki Naro (the same person who made the cover for my Green-Eyed Dragons math problem book).