David Chritson is a student at Harvard University. His background includes investment banking, investment management, and artificial intelligence. David previously founded a tech-enabled, business service platform in 2016 that was successfully acquired in 2018. He was recognized by Forbes in 2019 as a Forbes Under 30 Scholar, and was selected to represent Harvard University as 1 of 1,000 top-achievers among peers across the U.S. in entrepreneurship.

David advises The Wall Street Journal and Dow Jones & Co. in his capaciity as Opinion Leader, and provides perspectives that help drive business decisions on the millennial market. He has met with both teams, engaged executives, and provided insights that help shape future products and services.

He also serves as Founder and Co-Partner at Chritson Management––which partners with industry professionals to enhance the competitive and financial advantage of teams via acquisition of underrepresented talents, whereby enabling teams to capitalize on true diversity of thought. At Chritson Management, David oversees strategy, financials, operations, legal diligence, marketing, and recruiting.

In addition to a demonstrated history of adding value, David exemplifies a passion for collaboration, intellectual curiosity, and continuous learning. In his free time he enjoys entrepreneurship, precision archery, skiing, volunteering, and philanthropic initiatives––which includes the Harvard Social Alternative Investment Fund where he supports the economic empowerment of students with visible or non-visible disabilities.

[Research and publications coming soon.]