New TOPAS documentation website goes live!

I have moved our documentation from the old PDF document to a website hosted by ReadTheDocs:

They also host a PDF version:

From the user perspective, I hope that this will help to discover features of TOPAS more easily and find solutions to their problems more quickly. Hyperlinks now connect related sections.

From the developer perspective, this should make collaboration Read more about New TOPAS documentation website goes live!

Generating random directions in a beam model

As described here, I'm a developer of the TOPAS Monte Carlo simulation tool for radiotherapy research. To improve our beam source model, I wanted a method to randomly generate uniformly distributed directions that are constrained to a certain region of the unit sphere, centered upon the z-axis (the beam direction). Generated particles are assigned these random directions before they are transported through the simulated geometry, in order to account for beam divergence.

I Read more about Generating random directions in a beam model

Hello World!

I've decided to create a personal website using the Harvard Scholars toolkit - it seems very versatile so far. This should enable me to explain my research to a wider audience, but it might take a little while to add a reasonable amount of content.