Recent Media


JAMA: COVID-19 and Health Equity—A New Kind of “Herd Immunity” May 11, 2020

The Hill: Strengthening immunity against racism through solidarity April 22, 2020

Washington Post: Stress was already killing black Americans. Covid-19 is making it worse May 13, 2020

Center on the Developing Child, Website (Harvard University) April 27, 2020

Interview with Every Child Thrives, the Kellogg Foundation April 29, 2020


"Racial Inequities in Health and the Science Behind How We Solve Them" Senator Bill Frist, A Second Opinion Podcast, July 12

"Why the coronavirus is so deadly for black America" The Ezra Klein Show May 11, 2020

NPR Short Wave: Coronavirus and Racism Are Dual Public Health Emergencies June 5, 2020

"Racial Disparities & COVID-19: Creating Communities of Opportunity" Harvard Center on the Developing Child

Radio New Zealand: The Health Impacts of Racism. August 29, 2020


Media Interviews

60 Minutes "Black Americans more prone to health issues because of racism" April 19, 2021

60 Minutes "Police shootings and the mental health of Black communities" April 18, 2021

NBC Nightly News Broadcast. June 11, 2020

CNN Interviewed by Fareed Zakaria On GPS: Why COVID-19 hit black Americans so hard June 7, 2020

MSNBC Morning Joe: How racism impacts the health of Black Americans June 10, 2020

CNN Interviewed by Jake Tapper: Study finds lasting mental health impacts of police killings June 1, 2020

ABC News Primetime Special: America In Pain June 2, 2020

BBC World News May 5, 2020

CBS News Sunday Morning Interviewed by Ted Koppel about the impact of the pandemic on social inequities in health May 22, 2020

Glad You Asked, Vox, "Is Racism Making People Sick?" April 3, 2021

Aspen Ideas Health and MSNBC Panel on “Structural Racism in Medicine: A Killer Disease and Public Health Crisis" April 27, 2021

JAMA: Structural Racism in Medicine and Health Care. March 16, 2021

Covid-19: Why Race Matters for Health, released by Knowable Magazine and the Annual Reviews. June 3, 2021

PBS NewsHour: How COVID-19 is highlighting racial disparities in Americans’ health. July 16, 2020

Australia Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) Interview, The Drum April 16, 2020

W.K. Kellogg Foundation: Healing in Action 2020. June 25, 2020

W.K. Kellogg Foundation National Day of Racial Healing 2022

JF Kennedy Library Forum “Coronavirus: The Health, Medical, and Societal Challenges Ahead” May 12, 2020

Empower Hour Episode 3, April 9th


2022 Richard Payne Lecture in Faith, Justice, and Health Care. Duke Divinity School, November 3, 2022

Diversity Speaker Series "Making America Healthier for All: What Each of Us Can Do" Indiana University, Oct 13, 2022

The Hubie Jones Lecture in Urban Health. "Societal Inequities and Health: How We Can Effectively Reduce Them" September 30, 2020

Kimball Lecture, American Board of Internal Medicine: Covid-19 and Community of Color. July 2020

2020 Health Care Cost Trends Hearing for State of Massachsetts - Keynote Presentation by Dr. David Williams. October 20, 2020

Glasgow Centre for Population Health - How racism shapes our health. May 12, 2021

Plenary Address, The American Society of Nephrology, Kidney Week Nov 2021 (52 minutes into the program)

Hakim Lecture "Understanding and Effectively Addressing Inequities in Health" Emmanuel College. Oct 28, 2021

Virginia Tech Seminar. "Society Inequities and Health: What Each One of Us Can Do?" Sept 2021

The Hastings Center: "Righting the Wrong: How Unequal Opportunity Created Unequal Health" Health Equity Summit, January, 2022

David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies, "Structural Racism in Brazil and the U.S." April 9, 2022

Trust for America’s Health COVID-19 and the Impact on Communities of Color: Our Nation’s Inequities Exposed May 20, 2020

Association of Black Cardiologists May 20, 2020 Webinar Pulling at the Heart: Faces of COVID-19 Survival and Ongoing Disparitie

The 5th Cutter Symposium: Epidemiology and Racism. May 14, 2021

Harvard FXB Center Anti-Racism in Public Health Policies, Practice & Research Sept 21, 2021

Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study, Harvard University Naming Racism June 5, 2020

Interview with Evelyn Hammonds as part of a series on “Epidemics and Health Disparities in African American Communities”. Hutchi

Center for African Studies, Harvard University Africa & COVID-19 Webinar Series: Shared Experiences with COVID-19 in African an


NPR: "Education Usually Improves Health. But Racism Sabotages Benefits For Black Men" May 18, 2021

FORTUNE: "Black women account for less than 3% of U.S. doctors. Is health care finally ready to face racism and sexism?" Aug 9

USC Annenberg Center for Health Journalism. July 21, 2020

Fortune: 'We can’t ever go to the doctor with our guard down’: Why Black women are 40% more likely to die of breast cancer

CBS News Sunday morning Interviewed by Ted Koppel, talking about the impact of the pandemic on social inequities in health. Marc

Chicago Sun Times article April 19, 2020

New York Times Magazine April 29, 2020 “‘A Terrible Price’: The Deadly Racial Disparities of Covid-19 in America”

The Verge April 8, 2020

Mother Jones July 9. David R. Williams: By Investing in Pre-K, We Can Create a Generation of Pandemic-Resistant Adults

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel April 3, 2020

HuffPost April 8, 2020

Australia Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) April 16, 2020

Harvard Gazette April 14, 2020

MDEdge/Psychiatry April 16, 2020

Billy Penn April 18, 2020

Richmond Times-Dispatch April 17, 2020

OCSA Ledger April 17, 2020

B77 April 8, 2020

Mississippi Today April 23, 2020