Working Papers

Working Papers

Sergey Chernenko and David Scharfstein. 2021. "Racial Disparities in the Paycheck Protection Program"

Antonio Falato, Giovanni Favara, and David Scharfstein. 2017. “Bank Risk-Taking and the Real Economy: Evidence from the Housing Boom and Its Aftermath”.

Antonio Falato and David Scharfstein. 2016. “The Stock Market and Bank Risk-Taking

David Scharfstein and Adi Sunderam. 2016. “Market Power in Mortgage Lending and the Transmission of Monetary Policy”. 

Older Working Papers

Denis Gromb and David Scharfstein. 2002. “Entrepreneurship in Equilibrium”.

David Scharfstein. 1998. “The Dark Side of Internal Capital Markets II: Evidence from Diversified Conglomerates”. 

Anil Kashyap, Takeo Hoshi, and David Scharfstein. 1993. “The Choice Between Public and Private Debt: An Examination of Post-Deregulation Corporate Financing in Japan”.

David Scharfstein. 1991. “Japanese Corporate Finance and Governance: Implications for the Privatization of Eastern European Economies”.

Anil Kashyap, David Scharfstein, and David Weil. 1990. “The High Price of Land and the Low Cost of Capital: Theory and Evidence from Japan”.