About Me

About Me

Welcome! I am a Professor of Public Policy and Director of the Malcolm Wiener Center for Social Policy at the Harvard Kennedy School.

Beginning July 1st 2020, I am also the Faculty Dean of Kirkland House at Harvard College.

My research focuses on higher education, economic inequality, skills, technology and the future of the labor  market. I currently serve as a coeditor at the AEJ: Applied, and I am a Principal Investigator (along with Raj Chetty and John Friedman) at the CLIMB Initiative, an organization that seeks to study and improve the role of higher education in social mobility. I recently won the David N. Kershaw Prize, which is awarded biannually to scholars who have made distinguished contributions to the field of public policy and management under the age of 40.  I write a semi-regular column for the New York Times Economic View

Curriculum Vitae

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Link to my latest working papers


Recent activity

My NYT column on the future of online learning (twitter summary here; interview on the a16z podcast here)

Interview about college access with the Institute for New Economic Thinking (INET)

Some slides on the economic impacts of COVID-19 from a webinar I gave to students at Harvard College.

My NYT Column on the need to modernize labor laws in preparation for the coming wave of AI  

My NYT Column on major choice and STEM careers - twitter summary here, and here is the full paper

My NYT Column on free college - twitter summary here, and a policy brief with more details


Some links - interviews, recent press coverage etc.

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HKS PolicyCast Interview about my inequality course

Interview with Growthpolicy.org at HKS about education and social mobility

Tweetstorms one and two with my perspective on journal editing

NBER research review - "The Value of Soft Skills in the Labor Market"

PBS (and EconoFact) memo about whether robots are going to take all of our jobs

Replication package for my paper "The Growing Importance of Social Skills in the Labor Market"

Why what you learned in preschool is crucial at work (NYT)

Interview with me on the 74million.org

To increase social mobility, expand access to early childhood education (Boston Review)


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