Adaptive Learning: Investigations and Exercises





Teaching and learning are, in varying degrees, already responsive, or adaptive, to different learner needs. Parents seek to select the “right” tutor for each child. Teachers shift instruction when they see confused faces or heads resting on desks. Students call friends or search the Internet for help when stuck. Technology, though, promises to make this adaptivity smarter, more immediate, and much deeper. This course investigates different approaches to adaptive and personalized learning, recognizing that learners vary across multiple dimensions – cognitively (what they know and can do...

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Innovation by Design: Projects in Educational Technology





T522 is all about evidence-inspired innovation for effective impact. Effective innovation starts with research and contextual understanding. Who are the audiences you are trying to impact? What are the conditions influencing them? What can we learn from the research about what’s causing the situation you want to change or blocking the opportunity you want to create? A deep understanding of the research and context informs a theory of action grounded in existing evidence. An iterative design and development process – lots of trial and error – guides revisions to your theories and your...

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