Adaptive Learning: Investigations and Exercises





Teaching and learning are, in varying degrees, already responsive, or adaptive, to different learner needs. Parents seek to select the “right” tutor for each child. Teachers shift instruction when they see confused faces or heads resting on desks. Students call friends or search the Internet for help when stuck. Technology, though, promises to make this adaptivity smarter, more immediate, and much deeper. This course investigates different approaches to adaptive and personalized learning organized around the different ways that learners vary – cognitively, metacognitively, and...

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Innovation by Design: Projects in Educational Technology





In this course, students experience firsthand the research-based design process with their own technology-based project. They will start with an education related problem of their choice--past projects have tackled everything from fostering student creativity to supporting poorly educated hospital patients to teaching vocabulary or negative numbers. Working in small groups of shared interest, students will investigate the research, practice, and theories that suggest causes of and ways to address the problem. They will use the research as a spark for developing an innovative idea that...

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