Here is a sampling of the technology and blended learning programs I've helped to create over the years. The links will take you to product pages, reviews, or related information. I've been at this work for a while.

  • Into Reading A core literacy program from HMH.
  • Into Math - A core math program from HMH.
  • READ 180 Universal - READ 180 Universal is the leading blended learning solution that accelerates learning for struggling readers by merging the latest in brain science, adaptive technology, professional development, and knowledge for school and life. 
  • MATH 180 - MATH 180 is a revolutionary math intervention program designed to address the needs of struggling students and their teachers equally, building students' confidence with mathematics and accelerating their progress to algebra. 
  • iRead - iRead is a digital foundational reading program for K-2 that closes the achievement gap before it begins.
  • FASTT Math - FASTT Math leverages the FASTT model to develop fact fluency and flexibility with our neediest students.
  • Sushi Monster - Sushi Monster is a fun, free math app on the Apple store.
  • Fraction Nation - Fraction Nation develops critical foundations with fractions and decimals.
  • GO Solve Word Problems - GO Solve uses graphic organizers to help students see deep structure in math word problems.
  • Thinking Reader grew out of a research prototype from CAST and supported struggling students' access to grade level fiction.
  • Science Court was a multiple media series of TV shows, classroom science programs, books, and manipulative science kits. Many of the ABC Saturday morning TV shows are available on youtube.
  • The Great Ocean Rescue and The Great Solar System Rescue started as interactive videodisc programs that really pushed ways to use that (at the time) emerging medium.
  • Decisions, Decisions, first released in the 1980s, was a ground-breaking series of simulations  designed to foster informed discussion in the classroom. You can read more about this early collaborative use of technology in Cooperative Learning & Technology or in the book Great Teaching in the One Computer Classroom (if you can find it).