About Me

My name is Dean Hazineh. I was born in the US in Georgia. My mother immigrated from South Korea in the 80's and my father from Jordan. I pursued my undergraduate studies at Duke University in North Carolina. Although I began as a biomedical engineer, I quickly found excitement and passion in the topics of electromagnetism and completed my studies in Physics and Electrical & Computer Engineering. My motivation lies in both understanding the beauty of the equations and developing new programs and systems that leverage it. While in undergrad, I also was lucky enough to meet my future wife! We both enjoyed the study of science at Duke so much that we ended up staying long after graduation. I spent two years post undergrad working in a lab at Duke as full time researcher designing x-ray imaging systems and studying coded-aperture techniques. This work proved to be highly influential in guiding my interests and I ultimately persued a PhD to study physics-based, computational imaging and sensing systems.

My wife and I moved to Massachussets and I joined the applied physics PhD program at Harvard in the fall of 2019. I am a member of the Zickler group and the Capasso group, and my current interest is in the design of metasurface flat optics for imaging in sensing. The light-matter-interactions at the nanoscale are rich in complexity and the potential to design novel imaging and sensing systems for computer vision is equally rich and diverse. My approach to nanophotonics differs in many ways from conventional applied physics researchers and I focus on applied machine learning, end-to-end optimization, numerical methods, and algorithm design to study potential visual systems. I am a passionate believer in open-source science/software and a deep fan of biomimicry in engineering and innovation.