Application of the iterative reconstruction to simulated galaxy fields


Hada R, Eisenstein DJ. Application of the iterative reconstruction to simulated galaxy fields. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society. 2019;482 :5685-5693.

Date Published:

February 01, 201


We apply an iterative reconstruction method to galaxy mocks in redshiftspace obtained from N-body simulations. Comparing the two-pointcorrelation functions for the reconstructed density field, we find thatalthough the performance is limited by shot noise and galaxy biascompared to the matter field, the iterative method can still reconstructthe initial linear density field from the galaxy field better than thestandard method both in real and in redshift space. Furthermore, theiterative method is able to reconstruct both the monopole and quadrupolemore precisely, unlike the standard method. We see that as the numberdensity of galaxies gets smaller, the performance of reconstruction getsworse due to the sparseness. However, the precision in the determinationof bias ({̃ }20{{ per cent}}) hardly impacts on the reconstructionprocesses.