Baryonic Acoustic Oscillations in Simulated Galaxy Redshift Surveys


Seo H-J, Eisenstein DJ. Baryonic Acoustic Oscillations in Simulated Galaxy Redshift Surveys. The Astrophysical Journal. 2005;633 :575-588.

Date Published:

November 1, 2005


Baryonic acoustic oscillations imprinted in the galaxy power spectrumprovide a promising tool for probing the cosmological distance scale anddark energy. We present results from a suite of cosmological N-bodysimulations aimed at investigating possible systematic errors in therecovery of cosmological distances. We show the robustness of baryonicpeaks against nonlinearity, redshift distortions, and mild biases withinthe linear and quasi-linear regime at various redshifts. While mildlybiased tracers follow the matter power spectrum well, redshiftdistortions do partially obscure baryonic features in redshift spacecompared to real space. We calculate the statistical constraints oncosmological distortions from N-body results and compare these to theanalytic results from a Fisher matrix formalism. We conclude that theangular diameter distance will be constrained as well as in our previousFisher matrix calculations while the Hubble parameter will be lessconstrained because of nonlinear redshift distortions.