The Broadband Optical Properties of Galaxies with Redshifts 0.02


Blanton MR, Hogg DW, Bahcall NA, Baldry IK, Brinkmann J, Csabai I, Eisenstein D, Fukugita M, Gunn JE, Ivezić Ž, et al. The Broadband Optical Properties of Galaxies with Redshifts 0.02. The Astrophysical Journal. 2003;594 :186-207.

Date Published:

September 1, 200


Using photometry and spectroscopy of 183,487 galaxies from the SloanDigital Sky Survey, we present bivariate distributions of pairs of sevengalaxy properties: four optical colors, surface brightness, radialprofile shape as measured by the Sérsic index, and absolutemagnitude. In addition, we present the dependence of local galaxydensity (smoothed on 8 h-1 Mpc scales) on all of theseproperties. Several classic, well-known relations among galaxyproperties are evident at extremely high signal-to-noise ratio: thecolor-color relations of galaxies, the color-magnitude relations, themagnitude-surface brightness relation, and the dependence of density oncolor and absolute magnitude. We show that most of the i-band luminositydensity in the universe is in the absolute magnitude and surfacebrightness ranges used: -23.50.1i<-17.0mag and 17<μ0.1i<24 mag in 1arcsec2 [the notation zb represents the b bandshifted blueward by a factor (1+z)]. Some of the relationships betweenparameters, in particular the color-magnitude relations, show strongercorrelations for exponential galaxies and concentrated galaxies takenseparately than for all galaxies taken together. We provide a simple setof fits of the dependence of galaxy properties on luminosity for thesetwo sets of galaxies and other quantitative details of our results.Based on observations obtained with the Sloan Digital Sky Survey.