Cosmic Complementarity: Joint Parameter Estimation from Cosmic Microwave Background Experiments and Redshift Surveys

Date Published:

June 1, 1999


We study the ability of future cosmic microwave background anisotropyexperiments and redshift surveys to constrain a 13-dimensionalparameterization of the adiabatic cold dark matter model. Each alone isunable to determine all parameters to high accuracy. However, consideredtogether, one data set resolves the difficulties of the other, allowingcertain degenerate parameters to be determined with far greaterprecision. We treat in detail the degeneracies involving the classicalcosmological parameters, massive neutrinos, tensor-scalar ratio, bias,and reionization optical depth as well as how redshift surveys canresolve them. We discuss the opportunities for internal and externalconsistency checks on these measurements. Previous papers on parameterestimation have generally treated smaller parameter spaces; in directcomparisons to these works, we tend to find weaker constraints andsuggest numerical explanations for the discrepancies.