Cosmological constraints from the SDSS luminous red galaxies


Tegmark M, Eisenstein DJ, Strauss MA, Weinberg DH, Blanton MR, Frieman JA, Fukugita M, Gunn JE, Hamilton AJS, Knapp GR, et al. Cosmological constraints from the SDSS luminous red galaxies. Physical Review D. 2006;74 :123507.

Date Published:

December 1, 2006


We measure the large-scale real-space power spectrum P(k) using luminousred galaxies (LRGs) in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) and use thismeasurement to sharpen constraints on cosmological parameters from theWilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe (WMAP). We employ a matrix-basedpower spectrum estimation method using Pseudo-Karhunen-Loèveeigenmodes, producing uncorrelated minimum-variance measurements in 20k-bands of both the clustering power and its anisotropy due toredshift-space distortions, with narrow and well-behaved windowfunctions in the range 0.01h/Mpcm and the baryon fraction in goodagreement with WMAP. Within the context of flat ΛCDM models, ourLRG measurements complement WMAP by sharpening the constraints on thematter density, the neutrino density and the tensor amplitude by about afactor of 2, giving Ωm=0.24±0.02 (1σ),