Cosmological parameters from SDSS and WMAP


Tegmark M, Strauss MA, Blanton MR, Abazajian K, Dodelson S, Sandvik H, Wang X, Weinberg DH, Zehavi I, Bahcall NA, et al. Cosmological parameters from SDSS and WMAP. Physical Review D. 2004;69 :103501.

Date Published:

May 1, 2004


We measure cosmological parameters using the three-dimensional powerspectrum P(k) from over 200 000 galaxies in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey(SDSS) in combination with Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe (WMAP)and other data. Our results are consistent with a “vanilla”flat adiabatic cold dark matter model with a cosmological constantwithout tilt (ns=1), running tilt, tensor modes, or massiveneutrinos. Adding SDSS information more than halves the WMAP-only errorbars on some parameters, tightening 1σ constraints on the Hubbleparameter from h≈0.74+0.18-0.07 toh≈0.70+0.04-0.03, on the matter density fromΩm≈0.25±0.10 toΩm≈0.30±0.04 (1σ) and on neutrino