Discovery of fourteen new ZZ Cetis with SOAR


Kepler SO, Castanheira BG, Saraiva MFO, Nitta A, Kleinman SJ, Mullally F, Winget DE, Eisenstein DJ. Discovery of fourteen new ZZ Cetis with SOAR. Astronomy and Astrophysics. 2005;442 :629-634.

Date Published:

November 1, 2005


We report the discovery of fourteen new ZZ Cetis with the 4.1 m SouthernAstrophysical Research telescope, at Cerro Pachon, in Chile. Thecandidates were selected from the SDSS (Sloan Digital Sky Survey) DAwhite dwarf stars with Teff obtained from the optical spectrafit, inside the ZZ Ceti instability strip. Considering these stars aremulti-periodic pulsators and the pulsations propagate to the nucleus ofthe star, they carry information on the structure of the star andevolution of the progenitors. The ZZ Cetis discovered till 2003 aremainly within 100 pc from the Sun, and probe only the solar vicinity.The recently discovered ones, and those reported here, may sample adistinct population as they were selected mainly perpendicular to thegalactic disk and cover a distance up to ≈ 400 pc.