The Radial Velocity Experiment (RAVE): First Data Release


Steinmetz M, Zwitter T, Siebert A, Watson FG, Freeman KC, Munari U, Campbell R, Williams M, Seabroke GM, Wyse RFG, et al. The Radial Velocity Experiment (RAVE): First Data Release. The Astronomical Journal. 2006;132 :1645-1668.

Date Published:

October 1, 2006


We present the first data release of the Radial Velocity Experiment(RAVE), an ambitious spectroscopic survey to measure radial velocitiesand stellar atmosphere parameters (temperature, metallicity, and surfacegravity) of up to one million stars using the Six Degree Fieldmultiobject spectrograph on the 1.2 m UK Schmidt Telescope of theAnglo-Australian Observatory. The RAVE program started in 2003,obtaining medium-resolution spectra (median R=7500) in the Ca-tripletregion (8410-8795 Å) for southern hemisphere stars drawn from theTycho-2 and SuperCOSMOS catalogs, in the magnitude range 92. The average signal-to-noise ratio of