Redshift Evolution of Non-Gaussianity in Cosmic Large-Scale Structure


Sullivan J, Wiegand A, Eisenstein D. Redshift Evolution of Non-Gaussianity in Cosmic Large-Scale Structure, in American Astronomical Society Meeting Abstracts #231. Vol 231. ; 2018.

Date Presented:

January 1, 2018


We probe the higher-order galaxy clustering in the final data release(DR12) of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey using germ-grain MinkowskiFunctionals (MFs). Our data selection contains 979,430 BOSS galaxiesfrom both the northern and southern galactic caps over the redshiftrange 0.2 - 0.6. We extract the higher-order parts of the MFs and finddeviations from the case without higher order MFs with chi-squaredvalues of order 1000 for 24 degrees of freedom across the entire dataselection. We show the MFs to be sensitive to contributions up to thefive-point correlation function across the entire data selection. Wemeasure significant redshift evolution in the higher-order functionalsfor the first time, with a percentage growth between redshift bins of