A robust estimator of the small-scale galaxy correlation function


Padmanabhan N, White M, Eisenstein DJ. A robust estimator of the small-scale galaxy correlation function. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society. 2007;376 :1702-1706.

Date Published:

April 1, 2007


We present a new estimator, ω, of the small-scale galaxycorrelation function that is robust against the effects ofredshift-space distortions and large-scale structures. The estimator isa weighted integral of the redshift space or angular correlationfunction and is a convolution of the real-space correlation functionwith a localized filter. This allows a direct comparison with theory,without modelling redshift-space distortions and the large-scalecorrelation function. This has a number of advantages over the moretraditional wp estimator, including (i) an insensitivity tolarge-scale structures and the details of the truncation of theline-of-sight integral, (ii) a well-localized kernel in ξ(r) and(iii) being unbinned. We discuss how this estimator would be used inpractice, applying it to a sample of mock galaxies selected from theMillennium simulation.