SDSS data management and photometric quality assessment


Ivezić Ž, Lupton RH, Schlegel D, Boroski B, Adelman-McCarthy J, Yanny B, Kent S, Stoughton C, Finkbeiner D, Padmanabhan N, et al. SDSS data management and photometric quality assessment. Astronomische Nachrichten. 2004;325 :583-589.

Date Published:

October 1, 2004


We summarize the Sloan Digital Sky Survey data acquisition andprocessing steps, and describe runQA, a pipeline designed for automateddata quality assessment. In particular, we show how the position of thestellar locus in color-color diagrams can be used to estimate theaccuracy of photometric zeropoint calibration to better than 0.01 mag in0.03 deg2 patches. Using this method, we estimate thattypical photometric zeropoint calibration errors for SDSS imaging dataare not larger than ˜0.01 mag in the g, r, and i bands, 0.02 magin the z band, and 0.03 mag in the u band (root-mean-scatter forzeropoint offsets).