SDSS J115517.35+634622.0: A Newly Discovered Gravitationally Lensed Quasar


Pindor B, Eisenstein DJ, Inada N, Gregg MD, Becker RH, Brinkmann J, Burles S, Frieman JA, Johnston DE, Richards GT, et al. SDSS J115517.35+634622.0: A Newly Discovered Gravitationally Lensed Quasar. The Astronomical Journal. 2004;127 :1318-1324.

Date Published:

March 1, 2004


We report the discovery of SDSS J115517.35+634622.0, a previouslyunknown gravitationally lensed quasar. The lens system exhibits twoimages of a z=2.89 quasar, with an image separation of 1.832"+/-0.007".Near-IR imaging of the system reveals the presence of the lensing galaxybetween the two quasar images. Based on absorption features seen in theSloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) spectrum, we determine a lens galaxyredshift of z=0.1756. The lens is rather unusual in that one of thequasar images is only 0.22"+/-0.07" (~0.1 Reff) from thecenter of the lens galaxy, and photometric modeling indicates that thisimage is significantly brighter than predicted by a SIS model. Thissystem was discovered in the course of an ongoing search for stronglylensed quasars in the data set from the SDSS.