SDSS J1335+0118: A New Two-Image Gravitational Lens


Oguri M, Inada N, Castander FJ, Gregg MD, Becker RH, Ichikawa S-ichi, Pindor B, Brinkmann J, Eisenstein DJ, Frieman JA, et al. SDSS J1335+0118: A New Two-Image Gravitational Lens. Publications of the Astronomical Society of Japan. 2004;56 :399-405.

Date Published:

April 1, 2004


We report on the discovery of the two-image gravitationally lensedquasar SDSSJ1335 + 0118. The object was selected as a lens candidatefrom the Sloan Digital Sky Survey. The imaging and spectroscopicfollow-up observations confirm that the system exhibits twogravitationally lensed images of a quasar at z = 1.57. The imageseparation is 1''.56. We also detect an extended component between thetwo quasar images, likely to be a lensing galaxy. Preliminary massmodeling predicts a differential time delay, Δt of ˜30h-1 day, assuming the redshift of the lens galaxy to be 0.5.