Selection and Photometric Properties of K+A Galaxies


Quintero AD, Hogg DW, Blanton MR, Schlegel DJ, Eisenstein DJ, Gunn JE, Brinkmann J, Fukugita M, Glazebrook K, Goto T. Selection and Photometric Properties of K+A Galaxies. The Astrophysical Journal. 2004;602 :190-199.

Date Published:

February 1, 2004


Two different simple measurements of galaxy star formation rate withdifferent timescales are compared empirically on 156,395 fiber spectraof galaxies with r<17.77 mag taken from the Sloan Digital Sky Surveyin the redshift range 0.05-4h3Mpc-3Gyr-1 atredshift z~0.1. These events are taking place in the field; the K+Agalaxies found in this study do not primarily lie in the high-densityenvironments or clusters typical of bulge-dominated populations.