Sloan Digital Sky Survey: Early Data Release


Stoughton C, Lupton RH, Bernardi M, Blanton MR, Burles S, Castander FJ, Connolly AJ, Eisenstein DJ, Frieman JA, Hennessy GS, et al. Sloan Digital Sky Survey: Early Data Release. The Astronomical Journal. 2002;123 :485-548.

Date Published:

January 1, 2002


The Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) is an imaging and spectroscopicsurvey that will eventually cover approximately one-quarter of thecelestial sphere and collect spectra of ~106 galaxies,100,000 quasars, 30,000 stars, and 30,000 serendipity targets. In 2001June, the SDSS released to the general astronomical community its earlydata release, roughly 462 deg2 of imaging data includingalmost 14 million detected objects and 54,008 follow-up spectra. Theimaging data were collected in drift-scan mode in five bandpasses (u, g,