Weighing Neutrinos with Galaxy Surveys


Hu W, Eisenstein DJ, Tegmark M. Weighing Neutrinos with Galaxy Surveys. Physical Review Letters. 1998;80 :5255-5258.

Date Published:

June 1, 1998


We show that galaxy redshift surveys sensitively probe the neutrinomass, with eV mass neutrinos suppressing power by a factor of 2. TheSloan Digital Sky Survey can potentially detect N nearly degeneratemassive neutrino species with massmν>~0.65\(Ωmh2/0.1N\)0.8eV at better than 2σ once microwave background experiments measuretwo other cosmological parameters. Significant overlap exists betweenthis region and that implied by the Liquid Scintillator NeutrinoDetector experiment, and even mν~0.01-0.1 eV, as impliedby the atmospheric anomaly, can affect cosmological measurements.