I'm a third year PhD student in linguistics. My main subfields of interest are syntax and semantics, with a focus on the syntax-semantics interface; my main area of focus is control theory and the nature of finiteness. I'm also working on projects in the distribution of reflexives crosslinguistically and the nature of Case assignment. Here are my research projects in linguistics:

1. Control is not movement: evidence from overt PRO in Ewe. Revise-and-resubmit.

2. Turkic genitive case and agreement asymmetries. Resubmitted.

3. Untangling Balinese Binding without Agreement. Manuscript in prep (with Shannon Bryant).

4. Deriving the de re blocking effect. Manuscript in prep.

5. The maximum size of infinitives. Manuscript in prep.

I also have research interests in the philosophy of language and mind. In the philosophy of language, I'm interested in the foundations of formal semantics, and what consequences fictional characters have to possible world semantics in particular. In the philosophy of mind (and the nature of consciousness), one question I have always struggled with was: why am I me? Why is my consciousness associated with me and not someone else (known as "the vertiginous question")? Is the relation between personal identity and the first-personal perspective complex rather than trivial? I have multiple thought experiments to demonstrate that this relation is complex. Here are the papers that I am working on:

5. Metafiction: the fourth wall against possible world semantics. Submitted.

6. The non-triviality of the vertiginous question. Manuscript in prep.