I'm a fourth year PhD student in linguistics. My main subfields of interest are syntax and semantics, with a focus on the syntax-semantics interface; for my dissertation, I am working on developing a novel theory of finiteness based on the truncation of the C domain, via my proposed finiteness universal, which I call the "Infinitive Size Generalization." The basic idea is that no infinitive can be headed by a complementizer (like "that") with certain properties. I am also developing a semantics for the different kinds of infinitives out there.

Beyond that, I'm also working on projects in case, the distribution of reflexives across languages, logophoricity and control, the semantics of de re and de se, tense and pronoun size.  Here are my research projects in linguistics:

1. The maximal size of infinitives: a truncation theory of finiteness. Submitted.

2. Turkic genitive case and agreement asymmetries. Resubmitted.

3. The relationship between logophoricity and control in Ewe. Resubmitted.

4. Unraveling Balinese Binding (with Shannon Bryant). Under revision for resubmission.

5. The de re blocking effect and c-command. Submitted.

6. Infinitives are tenseless: evidence from lack of temporal de re. In prep.

7. Complementation needs innateness: a reply to Haspelmath (2020). In prep.

8. Why PRO exists: clause size and subject size are related. In prep.

I also have research interests in the philosophy of language and mind. In the philosophy of language, I'm interested in the foundations of formal semantics. I argue that possible world semantics cannot be used to account for the existence of truth in fiction. In the philosophy of mind, I am interested in the relationship between personal identity and the first-personal perspective. I argue that it is complex rather than simple.

9. Truth in fiction: not via possible worlds. Submitted.

10. The non-triviality of the vertiginous question. In prep.