Born in Sri Lanka. I began my science career at the University of Colombo, undergraduate studies in physics and mathematics. My early research included experimental work on obtaining the light curves of few eclipsing binary stars and theoretical work for my senior thesis on numerical analysis of energy bands using simplified LCAO method. After finishing my undergraduate degree in Physics, in 2007 I moved to Washington, USA and began my Ph.D. work at Washington State University in the field of extreme condensed matter physics. Specializing superconductivity and insulator metal transitions in simple molecular systems. Currently, I work in the Silvera lab at Harvard University as a postdoctoral fellow.


Ph.D. in Physics  2013

Thesis: Collective Behaviors of Extended Solids: Phase Transitions, Metallization, Superconductivity and Magnetic Ordering.

Washington State University, WA, Department of Physics 
and Institute for Shock Physics

B.Sc in Physics  2006

Thesis: Numerical analysis of Energy bands using simplified LCAO method

University of Colombo, Department of Physics