Making Metallic Hydrogen at Harvard

An experimental extreme condensed matter physicist, I am currently a research fellow in the Department of Physics at Harvard University. My research focuses on probing quantum phenomena under extreme pressures and temperatures. In particular, high Tc superconductivity, magnetism and superfluity in the vicinity of quantum phase transitions. My research efforts aim for not only fundamental understanding but are also directed towards utilizing high pressure/temperature conditions to understand chemical processes, interactions, and to synthesize novel high energy density and advanced materials. My main contributions include [1] discovery of solid metallic hydrogen, the holy grail of extreme condensed matter physics [2] discovery of new class of highly conducting metallic and superconducting polymers [3] synthesis of optically nonlinear, superhard and high density solid CO2-V [4] first observation of Dissociation–Recombination process (DISREC) in Dense hydrogen deuteride [5] discovery of new quantum phase transition in dense hydrogen. My work has also been reported in popular press, e.g. New York Times, BBC, NBC, NPR, Physics Today, New Scientist, Chemistry World, ScienceNews, Nature news and views, APS physics central.



Metallic Hydrogen