Statistics for Pathologists

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This essential guide provides a clear, accessible review of the use of statistics in pathology studies. Spanning topics such as exploratory data analysis and descriptive statistics as well as the use of comparative statistics, concordance analysis, categorical and continuous data regression analyses, count data, survival analyses, decision point and clustering analysis, and more, this practical book comprehensively demystifies all the statistical knowledge paramount to working in the field. Throughout the guide, we highlight common errors and pitfalls that occur when performing tests and when interpreting data and make suggestions for how to avoid mistakes. Chapters are uniformly structured for ease of use and each chapter concludes with review questions to facilitate self-assessment of the reader's skill in use of statistical methods.

Statistics for Pathologists teaches trainees, junior investigators, and seasoned pathologists how to look at their data from the point of view of a statistician and determine what tests should be done, how the data and test should be presented, and how to use the tests practically. Learning statistical applications can greatly enhance and simplify the skills necessary to review and present data accurately and this basic understanding of statistics is critical in pathology-related work.

Statistics for Pathologists

Key Features

  • Concise overviews of every statistical test relevant in pathology-related research
  • Includes real published studies to provide examples of use of the tests and interpretation of data
  • Emphasizes how to avoid common errors and pitfalls when conducting and interpreting tests
  • Provides self-assessment review questions and answers in each chapter
  • Comes with downloadable datasets for the reader so that they can perform statistical analysis tied to the book with popular stats programs