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I continue research efforts into the clinical analysis of normal and disordered voice production with particular emphasis on real-world ambulatory monitoring of daily voice use, high-speed videoendoscopic imaging of the vocal cords during phonation, and voice and speech biomarkers of human health conditions.

I investigate the details of the relationship between the motion of the vocal folds (the "voice box") and the acoustics of voice production. My expertise is in signal processing and acoustic voice analysis, and I bring these engineering tools to clinical voice research. We have developed a comprehensive laryngeal high-speed videoendoscopy system to image and quantify vocal fold vibratory characteristics and relate them to voice-related sensor measurements and mathematical models. Other major efforts develop a smartphone platform for tracking voice use using an accelerometer taped to the neck.

We hope that our results will aid voice surgeons and speech-language pathologists in better understanding the mechanisms of normal and disordered voice production.