Ali Verdi wins Fall Voice Award!

October 24, 2020

Very happy for MGH IHP Master's student Ali Verdi who has received one of only six Fall Voice Virtual Podium/Virtual Poster Pod Awards! Ali and IHP doctoral student Katie Marks collaborated closely on their study on Ecological Momentary Assessment of Vocal Effort in Patients with Vocal Hyperfunction. In 2020, the Fall Voice was a virtual conference, and Ali submitted a pre-recorded presentation and was present live for Q&A.

The purpose of the study was to investigate the ecological momentary assessment (EMA) of vocal effort exhibited in daily life by patients with vocal hyperfunction. EMA refers to assessing individuals’ current experiences as they occur in the moment and in their real-world setting. It was hypothesized that patients with vocal hyperfunction would report higher average and variability of vocal effort than reported by vocally healthy controls. Learn more about the Vocal Hyperfunction Clinical Research Center at

Congrats, Ali!